MetLife Publishes Retiree Health Care Booklet

April 19, 2007 ( - MetLife's information and policy resource center is now publishing a free guide to help demystify retiree health benefits, early retirement and Medicare.

Through this initiative, MetLife aims to bring individuals understanding about retiree health benefits, according to a news release. The program will help them figure out whether they will have enough health insurance until Medicare kicks in at age 65; whether they will need Medicare supplement insurance; and whether their health care needs will even be covered by Medicare.

The new publication from the MetLife Mature Market Institute, Retirement Planning: Healthcare Considerations also points readers to resources for further investigation.

More specifically, the booklet addresses the following issues:  

  • Planning what early steps to take: the coverage and costs of retiree health benefits and what part of those benefits a spouse’s employer might cover.
  • Early Retirement: the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA), private insurance, and health savings accounts (HSAs).
  • Medicare: eligibility, coverage, and prescription drug coverage.

The booklet is available free to the public by calling 203-221-6580, via e-mail to , or by download at under ‘What’s New.’