MetLife Releases Free Guide with Retirement Planning Tips

December 6, 2011 ( – MetLife Mature Market Institute has released a free consumer retirement planning guide, The MetLife Tips for Types Workbook

The guide is a follow-up to a study MetLife conducted earlier this year, Best-Case Strategies for a Flexible Retirement, which classified the various types of retirement planners (see Many Americans Unprepared for Unexpected Retirement Events).

Through a series of questions and answers, the publication will help Americans identify their own type and guide them through the planning stages, specifically the important steps to a happy and financially sound retirement.

“People will easily recognize themselves through the questions we pose, but they shouldn’t be dismayed by the categorizations,” said Sandra Timmermann, Ed.D., director of the MetLife Mature Market Institute.  “This guide will help just about everyone move forward in pursuit of a comfortable retirement from wherever they are in life and within the parameters of whatever ‘type’ they happen to be. Even the best planners are hit with surprises, the unexpected life trigger events that can derail the most carefully laid plans.”

The questions posed to readers of the guide revolve around people’s views of the future, how they plan for the unexpected and their general household budget practices. Through the answers, individuals will be able to identify themselves as a planner type who belongs in one of three groups:

1. Waiting – Pathways open, but action not yet taken.

2. Willing – Plans made, but in a holding pattern; not much forward motion.

3. Working – Already embarked on a retirement pathway, tools in hand and in pretty good shape.

From there, they’ll receive more specific instructions. For the third group, the advice is to stay the course and track progress so necessary adjustments can be made. For the others, there is more specific advice on how to determine income and investment strategies, how to plan for the unexpected, gather information, do the math, seek advice and put a plan in motion.

The guide also contains real-life stories of individuals and couples at various stages in the retirement planning process to assist those who may recognize themselves and emulate the tips offered by the people profiled.

The MetLife Tips for Types Workbook can be download at