Michigan Senate Bill Alters Teacher Tenure Rules

July 1, 2011 (PLANSPONSOR.com) – The Michigan Senate passed a package of bills that would alter teacher tenure rules and cap how much taxpayers can pay on health care for public workers and elected officials — including state lawmakers.

The Detroit News reports that supporters say the tenure legislation is aimed at making effectiveness rather than seniority the key factor in awarding tenure. The legislation would allow school districts to more easily fire poor-performing teachers and set requirements for earning tenure

“Teachers will have to earn tenure through effective evaluations… and will still be protected from firing of an arbitrary and capricious nature,” Senator Paul Scott said, according to the news report. “Due process will be preserved.” 

The State Senate also sent to Governor Rick Snyder a bill that would limit school districts and county and municipal employers’ contributions to employee health care costs, starting in January. The bill also applies to elected officials whose insurance is paid by the public, including members of the Legislature, the news report said.   

Republicans said the measure will help the state and municipalities save money on health care costs.