Milliman Rolls Out Retirement Planning Tools

December 13, 2012 ( Milliman Inc. has rolled out PlanAhead, tools and targeted services for employee retirement planning.

Included in the suite of services is PlanAhead for Retirement, a participant Web application that serves as a single destination for all of a participant’s retirement planning and investing activities. The tool allows participants to understand their retirement preparedness at a glance, providing insight that is very individualized and specific.  

Participants can supplement their defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit (DB) retirement plan information with other assets and investments, and will receive a snapshot of their progress toward retirement goals. Underlying this snapshot is a Monte Carlo simulator that runs thousands of scenarios to project likely outcomes. Participants can then make adjustments and chart the long-term implications of different investment and saving strategies.   

These features are complemented by a library of retirement information and educational resources.   

For more information, visit or contact a Milliman consultant.