Minnesota Looking Into Universal Health Care

April 1, 2005 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Legislation has been introduced this week in the Minnesota Legislature that would create a universal health care system for the state.

All residents of Minnesota would be required to purchase a basic health insurance plan and all health insurers in the state would have to offer such a plan, according to the legislation. This coverage would cover all essential benefits, according to Business Insurance, and would have to be purchased by the start of 2007.

“Essential benefits” will be defined by a committee reporting to the Legislature by November 15.

The bill – S.F 1933 and H.F 2175 – would make it illegal to vary premium rates for these plans based on age, health history, or gender. Rates can vary, however, based on factors such as tobacco use, compliance with recommended health screenings and preventative care, or other healthy behavior promotions, according to Business Insurance.

The premium rate would have to be approved by the commission.