Mobile Workers Sleep with Smartphones

May 31, 2011 ( – The latest quarterly Mobile Workforce Report from iPass, a provider of enterprise mobility services, reveals 61% of mobile workers sleep with their smartphone; 43% within arm’s reach.

Fifty-eight percent of mobile workers who sleep with their smartphone within arm’s reach wake, at least occasionally, during the night to check it, and 11% wake every night. More than a third (35%) report checking email first thing in the morning – even before getting dressed or eating breakfast.  

The report found an end to downtime, as 91% of mobile workers use their personal downtime to check their smartphones. Nearly 30% of mobile workers check their smartphone every six-to-12 minutes during downtime.  

The report, which drew from the experiences of more than 3,700 mobile employees at 1,100 enterprises worldwide, also found 29% of mobile workers report that their mobile technology usage causes friction in their personal relationships — typically with a spouse or partner.    

Mobile workers, who sleep with their smartphone within arm’s reach, are 65% more likely to obsessively check it during downtime, and 10% more likely to report that their smartphone causes friction in their personal relationships.  

According to a press release, the survey also uncovered: 

  • The average mobile worker works 240 hours a year longer than the general population. 
  • 94% of mobile workers have a smartphone, 41% of mobile workers have a tablet, and an additional 34% of mobile workers intend to purchase a tablet in the next six months. 
  • 87% of mobile workers that own tablets use their tablets for at least some work. Among tablet owners, 27% have a tablet provided by their workplace and 73% have a personally owned tablet. 
  • Those living in Asia Pacific are the least rested with 55% of mobile workers waking at least occasionally to check their smartphone or tablet, and 19% wake every night.  
  • Europeans are the most rested with only 27% waking at least occasionally, and 4% waking every night.