Mom Salaries Get Small Boost

May 7, 2013 ( – According to the 13th Annual “Mom Salary” Survey by, the hypothetical Mom paycheck was greater in the past year.

However, the average salary for stay-at-home mothers – calculated based on what they would be paid if they were compensated for their work – rose by only $624, while the average at-home salary for mothers who also work outside the home rose by only $457 over the last year.

More than 6,000 mothers quantified their hours by job description in order to compute the yearly average. Based on this data, determined that the average stay-at-home mother juggles a 94-hour work week and a mother who also works outside the home manages 58 hours of work at home per week, in addition to the time she spends at her outside job.

Taking into account overtime and using salary data provided by employers, an average stay-at-home mother’s 2013 total salary increased in one year from $112,962 to $113,586. The at-home 2013 salary for a mother who also works outside the home also increased from $66,979 to $67,436.

“With more on their plate, mothers are working harder than before – both in the office and at home,” said Abby Euler, general manager at “Working moms are taking on two full-time jobs, and while no dollar amount can truly reflect the value of a mom, the mom salaries give us a sense of just how much they could bring home if they were compensated for their work in both roles.”

Visit’s Mom Salary Wizard to calculate a salary and create a “mom paycheck” for Mother’s Day.