Mom’s ‘Salary’ Hits the Skids

May 5, 2010 ( – Dear old Mom’s wallet is apparently getting a little thinner as we approach Mothers Day 2010. announced that the time mothers spend on the 10 most popular  “mom job functions” would generate a $117,856 salary for a stay-at-home Mom and working Moms would generate $71,860 on top of their regular pay for their Mom duties.According to a news release, the figures are 4% and 6% respectively, from the 2009 calculations of $122,732 and $76,184.

In Canada, the salary was CAN$132,288 for Stay-at-Home Moms and an additional CAN$82,220 for Working Moms.

The job titles that best matched a mom’s definition of her work in both countries are: laundry machine operator, janitor, van driver, computer operator, housekeeper, day care center teacher, cook, chief executive officer, psychologist, and facilities manager. The salary benchmarks for these jobs are based on salaries for a small company.

Overtime remains a primary driver of mom’s six-figure salary. This year, the stay-at-home mom’s overtime averaged 59 hours in a 99-hour “work week.”

According to the survey, the working mom puts in more than 96 hours a week when you combine her full-time job, mom hours, and mom overtime — an increase of four hours from last year. The current survey shows that mom is spending more time preparing meals, making sure the home stays in good repair, and shuttling the family to activities.

“For 10 years, we have offered perspective on the critical job of mom by calculating what an employer would have to pay to hire someone to do all that she does,” said Brent Kleiman, SVP, marketing and strategy at, in a news release. “Like many of us, moms are working more hours, and it is no surprise that this year, the challenging economy impacted the results of our Mom Salary Survey.” benchmarked a fair salary for mom’s work by considering the market value for mom’s most common jobs and tasks. Mom’s Job is a hybrid of 10 different jobs — each with different salaries. In this year’s Mom Salary Survey, more than 28,000 moms quantified their hours worked in each role for a typical week. Their different responsibilities were weighted to determine mom’s overall total compensation.

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