More Seniors Texting, Using Social Networks

May 4, 2010 ( – A text message from Grandma? Grandpa on Facebook?

Apparently so, at least according to a new UnitedHealthcare survey of 100 Americans turning 100 years old or older this year.

A news release said the centenarians are more “with it” than ever before and, more than ever, are using the latest pop technology hot items including iPods and are sending text messages and instant messages compared to two years ago.More than 80% of the centenarians surveyed say they talk to/communicate with a friend or family member daily, while 8% say they have sent someone a text message or an instant message, compared to just 1% two years ago.

Meanwhile, 12% of centenarians surveyed have listened to music on an iPod or similar device, up from 4% three years ago, while 11% have used YouTube, TiVo (5%); Facebook (2%); and Nintendo’s Wii Fit (1%).

Finally, three out of four centenarians surveyed say they eat nutritionally balanced meals every day, while only 44% of college seniors say they do the same. Nearly one-third of the centenarians say they eat organic foods regularly.

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