More Than 13 Million Adults Hope to Start Businesses

August 31, 2006 ( - A total of 13.6 million employed, unemployed, or self-employed adults - or 7.8% of the US population - hope to start a new business within the next year, according to a recent opinion poll.

According to a press release from E-Myth Worldwide, which sponsored the poll conducted by Synovate, of those 13.6 million 8.5 million are men and 5.1 million are women.

The most popular reasons pollsters gave for starting a business, according to the release, are:

  • To make more money, 30%,
  • To be their own boss, 18%, and
  • To fulfill a dream or hobby, 15%.

Respondents said the biggest challenges they face in starting their own business are lack of knowledge and confidence (44%), raising money (44%) and the economic and competitive climates (39%).

The number of people who hope to start a business within the next year was significantly higher for the 45 – 54 age group, who are more seriously considering preparations for retirement.

Synovate polled 1,000 adults aged 18 and up.