Morningstar Reports Mutual Fund Asset Flows Through June

July 13, 2011 ( - Morningstar, Inc., a provider of independent investment research, has reported the estimated U.S. mutual fund asset flows through June 2011.  

Long-term mutual fund flows turned negative in June for the first time since December 2010, Morningstar found, losing $4.5 billion after May inflows of $22.6 billion. Risk-aversion was clearly visible as investors pulled about $18.0 billion from U.S.-stock funds in June, marking the worst monthly outflow for the asset class since the peak of the credit crisis in October 2008, as well as a net $6.3 billion from high-yield funds.  

Other key findings of the report include: 

  • Investors redeemed about $41.4 billion from money market funds in June, the greatest monthly outflow for these funds since January.  
  • In June, the gap between active and passive flows grew to nearly $20 billion, the greatest it has been since May 2009. Actively managed U.S.-stock funds accounted for all of June’s outflows, while passively managed offerings saw inflows of nearly $1.1 billion.  
  • While international-stock funds, with outflows of $1.3 billion in June, did not suffer as much as their U.S. counterparts, several categories within the asset class took a beating. World-stock funds have seen outflows in 23 of the past 24 months.  
  • Flows into taxable-bond funds fell to $11.9 billion from about $20.8 billion in May, with most of these redemptions coming from high-yield offerings. Municipal-bond funds registered inflows of nearly $1 billion in June.  

The complete report is available here. 


-Sara Kelly