MOSERS Hires Firms to Screen for Terrorism

October 25, 2005 ( - The Missouri State Employees' Retirement System (MOSERS) has hired two firms that provide information about businesses with potential links to terrorism.

The Associated Press reports that system director Gary Findlay said the board unanimously voted to hire Conflict Securities Advisory Group and Regulatory Data Corp. International to provide lists of companies doing business with countries sanctioned by the US government and companies that reportedly have links to or have sponsored terrorism.

MOSERS instituted terrorism screening on its direct investments this summer after state treasurer Sarah Steelman demanded the fund stop investing in companies that support terrorism (See  MOSERS Ups Ante on Terrorism Investments ).

Retirement system staff will compare the lists provided by the firms with the system’s portfolio. Findlay said that staff will further investigate any matches, and if the issue is clear, they can decide to get rid of the state’s investment.   If there is conflicting evidence, the issue will be brought to the board to decide.   Findlay said that just because a company is active in a particular country doesn’t mean it’s working against US interests.

MOSERS invests about $6 billion, of which around 20% is in foreign investments.