Most Workers Prefer Higher Pay, Less Options

January 27, 2001 ( - Two-thirds of American workers would rather earn a higher salary with no stock options than to have a lower salary with options, according to a new survey.

HR pros were even more interested in a higher base, favoring it 75% to 18%.

Younger workers (18-29 years old) were inclined to say “show me the money”, with 74% opting for the higher salary. Somewhat surprisingly, those 50-64 years old were less interested in the base salary, favoring it by only a margin of 57% to 29% according to the new survey by Zogby for

The following professions preferred the security of a higher salary:

  • teachers (62% higher salary – 23% lower salary)
  • executive/professionals (59%-30%)
  • engineers (72%-26%)
  • finance/accountants (79%-15%)
  • sales/marketing professionals (74%-20%)

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.2%.

The survey asked, “Given the current economic environment, would you be more inclined to take a new job with higher salary, but without stock options, or a lower salary with stock options?”