MSCI, Lyxor Launching Investable Hedge Fund Index

June 30, 2003 ( - MSCI and Société Générale subsidiary Lyxor Asset Management have announced an agreement to jointly launch an investable hedge fund index.

The MSCI Hedge Invest Index will consist of a varied sample of hedge fund strategies and will contain funds that have weekly liquidity.  MSCI will be responsible for the construction and maintenance of the fund, using eligible funds – expected to be approximately 60 at first – from the Lyxor Platform.  Lyxor will be responsible for selecting and conducting due diligence on the funds on the platform, for monitoring the investment mandate of each hedge fund manager and for providing valuations on individual funds, according to a news release.

The index – scheduled for release during the summer – is being launched in response to demand from investors globally for a liquid and representative hedge fund index that can be used as the basis for a wide range of index linked financial products.  The index is being targeted to a range of investors that includes institutional asset managers, fund-of-fund companies and broker dealers.

More information on MSCI indices and data is available at .