MSCI Reports Final October Hedge Fund Figures

November 27, 2002 ( - The Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Hedge Fund Composite Index rose 1.27% year-to-date, after an October increase of 0.07%.

The MSCI Hedge Fund Composite Index is composed of five equally weighted process group indices:  the Directional Trading, Relative Value, Security Selection, Specialist Credit and Multi-Process indices. 

The best-performing index so far in the year, the MSCI Direction Trading, was down -2.16% in October, but remains up 8.73% year-to-date.  Conversely, the worst year-to-date performer, the MSCI Security Selection Index, was up 0.88% in October, with year-to-date return now at -2.98%.

October also saw gains made in the MSCI Relative Value Index, up 0.19% and the MSCI Specialist Credit, up 0.11%.  Year-to-date the funds are up 4.66% and 0.53%, respectively.

Additionally, the Multi-Process Group Index was also up in October with a 0.62% gain, but is down year-to-date -1.77%. 

Other MSCI indices had mixed results in October.  The MSCI World Equity Index was up 7.28% for the month, but down year-to-date -21.09%.  The MSCI World Sovereign Debt Index declined in October -0.39%, but is up year-to-date 13.75%.

Final October numbers for the Hedge Fund Composite Index declined slightly, to a gain of 0.07%, from the    November 13 mid-month estimates  of a 0.20% gain.