MTB Reorganizes "New" Fund Family

August 26, 2003 ( - The MTB Group of Funds was launched today, following the reorganization of several existing fund families.

The launch of the 31-fund family follows the reorganization of the VISION Group of Funds, a mutual fund family advised by the M&T Asset Management Department of M&T Bank, and the ARK Funds, advised by Allied Investment Advisors, Inc., a subsidiary of Allfirst Bank, prior to M&T Bank’s acquisition of Allfirst and Allied Investment Advisors on April 1, 2003.

The MTB Group of Funds is advised by MTB Investment Advisors, Inc. (MTBIA), a subsidiary of M&T Bank that also manages investments for wealthy individuals, corporations, not-for-profits, foundations, endowments, unions and municipalities.

Fund Continuum

The reorganization of fund families has resulted in a continuum of funds including eleven equity funds, two balanced funds, three asset allocation funds, eight bond funds and seven money market funds.  According to the firm, the equity options in the new MTB Group of Funds include:

  • a large-cap growth
  • a large-cap value fund
  • a mid-cap growth
  • a mid-cap growth/value blend fund
  • a small-cap growth
  • a small-cap growth/value blend fund
  • an international equity fund.

On the fixed income side, the group includes fixed income funds of short-, intermediate- and long-duration, plus municipal bond funds for New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Money market funds include US Government, US Treasury and Tax-Free New York, and Tax-Free Pennsylvania options.

The asset allocation offerings include the:

  • the MTB Managed Allocation Conservative Growth Fund
  • the MTB Managed Allocation Moderate Growth Fund
  • the MTB Managed Allocation Aggressive Growth Fund.

The MTB Group of Funds has $9.8 billion in assets as of August 25th, 2003. Additional information about the MTB Group of Funds is available at .