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December 15, 2008 ( - As year-end rapidly approaches, says its information and articles are "fully updated for the current financial climate."

And – in what remains of 2008 – is making a special offer to Premium Members who work in corporate stock plan administration, HR, compensation, finance, and legal departments.

During this limited time, they may distribute to employees selected articles and FAQs about planning for year-end, down markets, and underwater stock options. According to a press release, this content will help employees understand the continued value of their stock grants, including restricted stock and employee stock purchase plans, even amid current market turbulence. This content is normally available for distribution only by companies and stock plan providers that license the Knowledge Center of educational content and/or tools.

According to a press release,’s articles and FAQs on year-end planning help employees (and their advisors) make smart decisions with stock grants.   The end of the year is always a key time for financial and tax decisions, and the pressures of 2008 make year-end planning especially important now, according to the firm. “Collapsed stock prices and the likelihood of tax-rate increases under President Barack Obama give employees and their advisors many new planning factors to consider.”

Expanded Content has expanded its section Financial Planning: Year-End to provide “up-to-the-minute” educational content on issues, choices, and strategies at year-end 2008.

Articles by experts include:

  • Stockbrokers’ Secrets (Part 3): What I Tell My Best Clients About Year-End Planning by W.E.B. Bantling
  • Ten Ideas For Year-End Tax Planning With Stock Options And Company Stock
  • How Tax Rate Changes Impact Strategies For Stock Options & Restricted Stock (Part 1)
  • In Their Own Words: Financial Advisors On Company Stock Strategy For Year-End 2008 And The Market Downturn

Available free to all registered users, the new article In Their Own Words: Financial Advisors On Company Stock Strategy For Year-End 2008 And The Market Downturn presents “firsthand insight and expertise from financial advisors working in the field right now at firms across the United States,” according to the announcement.

Questions answered in the year-end content section include:

  • What are year-end strategies for stock options, stock appreciation rights, and restricted stock?
  • Should the likelihood of tax-rate increases affect year-end strategies?
  • How do employees harvest capital losses against capital gains from company stock holdings?
  • Are there strategies for using capital-loss carry-forwards from prior years?
  • What risks are posed by the wash sale rule?
  • What year-end strategies can help to minimize alternative minimum tax with incentive stock options?
  • How do tax-law changes in 2008, including refundable AMT credits and stimulus rebates, affect year-end planning?
  • How can employees save taxes on company stock by making gifts and donations, including those to private foundations or grantor-retained annuity trusts?
  • All of these questions and many more are answered in the section Financial Planning: Year-End Planning.

Corporate Licensing Available

All the content on is ideally suited for licensing by companies and stock plan providers for their stock plan participants. The firm says that a customized version of the website's award-winning content can be "seamlessly woven" into companies' HR, benefits, and/or compensation portals.

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