Beefs Up Tax Center for 2007 Season

April 7, 2008 ( - As the IRS tax-return deadline of April 15 looms, the Tax Center on explains the issues of tax year 2007 that relate to equity compensation.

A customized version of the website’s content can be integrated into companies’ HR, benefits, and/or compensation portals. Additionally, accessible through any internet browser, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, licensed content from  lets stock plan participants answer their own questions about their stock grants whenever they need to learn more—saving time for the stock plan staff and costs for the company, according to a press release.

Those issues range from the complex reporting of stock sales on Schedule D, to the new AMT exemption amounts, to the effect of stock compensation on the 2008 tax rebate.   For people with stock compensation – and firms that provide stock compensation to those individuals – now offers annotated illustrations of Form W-2 and Schedule D for restricted stock units and performances shares, two fast-growing forms of equity compensation.

Additionally, core articles and frequently asked questions (FAQs) spell out the most common mistakes people make with stock grants on their tax returns.   Topics addressed on the Web site include:

  • the 2007 income exemption amounts for calculating the alternative minimum tax
  • the new provisions for using old AMT credits
  • the rules for estimated taxes
  • the process for netting capital gains and losses
  • the impact of the deferred compensation provisions in Tax Code Section 409A on stock grants
  • the impact of stock compensation on eligibility to receive the 2008 tax rebate for individuals
  • Tax Center Makes Sense Of Reporting On Form W-2 And Schedule D

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