Nabbed on the Net?

November 29, 2002 ( - More and more of us have resumes floating around on the Internet - but what would happen if your boss saw YOURS out there?

Well, maybe not much, or at least not right away, based on the results of a survey by   The firm is an Internet recruitment and “professional community” – which suggests it has some interest in encouraging the trend toward online recruitment.

Still, of the nearly 250 employers and recruiters who replied to the survey, less than 2% of employers said the posting worker would be canned immediately, while 5.6% said they would begin looking for a replacement – and THEN the employee would be terminated.

On the other hand, more than half (53%) evidenced a reaction that suggests an ominous future, citing, “We would evaluate the employees performance and work environment and attempt to correct any problems we found.”

Still, 43% said they would do nothing, aligning themselves with the following position: “…our employees are free to do as they wish; we only hope they will communicate with us if there’s a problem and give us the opportunity to corrective action.”

MedZilla is targeted to the career and hiring needs for professionals and employers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, science, and health-care professions, and maintains databases with about 10,000 open positions and 10,000 resumes from candidates actively seeking new positions, according to the firm.