Nasdaq's SuperMontage Sets The Date

September 10, 2002 ( - The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc. announced that its new SuperMontage trading platform would begin operations on Monday, October 14. September 10, 2002.

On that day, five securities will begin trading on SuperMontage, with more added each week, until all NASDAQ-listed securities are traded on the new platform by the middle of November 2002, the company said in a media release.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted unanimously on August 29 to give final approval to SuperMontage, an order display and execution system for the trading of NASDAQ-listed securities.

The five initial securities to be traded on SuperMontage platform are:

  • X-Rite, Inc.
  • XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.
  • webMethods, Inc.
  • WebEx Communications, Inc.
  • Wind River Systems, Inc.