Nationwide Brings Spanish Site to Public Plans

April 17, 2003 ( - Spanish-speaking participants in public sector retirement plans at Nationwide Retirement Solutions may have an easier time understanding the financial issues involved in retirement savings with the launch of a new Spanish Web site.

In a news release, Nationwide announced that it is offering the new site, to more than 700,000 public employees.  The plans are associated with the United States Conference of Mayors and the National Association of Counties, as well as other large plans, including the States of New York and Arizona, and Maricopa County, Arizona.

Nationwide said it worked on the site with Bowne Translation Services, a subsidiary of Bowne & Co., which certified the site as  not only an accurate translation of investment-education content, but also a translation that uses the most widely understood Spanish among the dialects spoken in the United States.

The site provides general information about retirement plans and investing, as well as financial planning tools, step-by-step explanations and resource information.

In addition to the new site, Nationwide offers participants Spanish- language automated telephone services, as well as customer service representatives and Retirement Specialists who are fluent in Spanish.  The firm also plans to develop Spanish- language education workshops in the next year.