Nationwide Hawking DB, DC Services Together

June 26, 2003 ( - Plan sponsors in search of a provider can now get both defined contribution and defined benefit plan services from Nationwide Financial.

According to a news release, Nationwide Financial and subsidiary Nationwide Provident have joined their retirement plan sales forces. The company said their products include Nationwide Provident’s STAR program, which is a trustee-directed plan service that includes defined benefit, profit sharing, money purchase and target benefit plans.

The STAR program is offered by Nationwide Provident through its Selector+ Group Variable Annuity contract.   The program features the All-Pro series of separate accounts as well as other Nationwide Provident separate accounts managed by institutional money managers.

Wilshire has entered into an agreement with Nationwide Provident to help ensure quality investment managers are retained, monitored and combined in a manner that is most beneficial to clients.   Managers are continually reviewed and evaluated by Wilshire to ensure that appropriate investment disciplines are followed, according to the announcement.

Also offered by the newly combined sales force will be Nationwide Financial’s The BEST of AMERICA Group Retirement Series, a defined contribution plan.