Need More Time Off? Survey Agrees

April 2, 2013 ( – Do you feel like you need more time off? A recent survey from agrees.

The survey revealed a large disparity in paid and public holiday entitlements across the globe. When looking at both statutory annual leave and public holiday allowances, the U.S. ranked 25th out of 30, narrowly escaping the bottom five countries ranked by amount of allotted time off.

On average, most Americans receive 10 days of paid time off and an additional 10 national holidays, such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Of the 30 nations surveyed, the average of annual leave and public entitlement was 28 days.

Russia topped the list with 40 total days of holiday and leave, followed by Italy and Sweden in a tie for second, each with a total of 36 days. In contrast, Canada and Mexico both receive the lowest amount of holiday and leave allowance, with workers only receiving 15 and 13 days, respectively.

“Vacation time enables workers to strengthen their connections to friends, family, and interests outside of the office,” said Taylor L. Cole, travel expert for “It is essential to help them hit ‘reset’ on creativity and productivity within the workplace.”

The complete ranking can be found here.