Nelson: Equity Managers On The Mend

September 6, 2001 ( -- Many institutional equity managers are now rallying, according to mid-year performance data from Nelson Information.

Equity products in all categories show that the bounce-back trend that started last quarter is continuing, with the top performing domestic institutional money manager in the US Equity/All Styles category earning more than 43% for the quarter ending June 30, 2001.

Equity managers took the lead on the international front as well, particularly in the Equity/All Mandates category, with quarterly rates of return as high as 47%.

Nelson tracks 40 institutional investment styles in its quarterly publication World’s Best Money Managers.

Results in the most recent edition included:

·          US Small-cap Growth Equity category averaged the best returns for the quarter, with a mean return of 16.35%. Princeton Capital Management won the top spot, with quarterly performance of 37.3%.

·          The US Dedicated Sector/Industry Equity category is showing signs of a significant rebound, thanks to strong performance among New Economy-based products that have weathered the shake-out in the tech market. Firsthand Capital Management’s e-commerce-based separate accounts product took the lead in the category with a 23.84% one-quarter return.

The International Equity/Emerging
Markets category, which showed a mean return of 6.6% for the
quarter, bested options in the international arena. Standouts in
this category included Prosperity Capital Management's Russian
Prosperity Fund, which posted the highest return for the quarter at