New Crayon Colors Strike a "Rad" Tone

April, 10, 2008 ( - The Crayola 64 Box is turning 50 this year, and Crayola has gone a bit "radical red" to mark the golden moment.

Nearly 20,000 kids got the chance to be color experts for Crayola and helped select and name a special set of “Kids’ Choice Colors” in celebration of 50 years of the 64 Box. They were invited to participate in an online survey at, where they were asked about the things they value and are most interested in.

Next, they said what those things would look like as a color and then zoomed in on the shade within each color family (red, blue, green, yellow, brown, pink, orange, and purple) that they felt was the coolest.

The palette of eight colors, deemed by kids as the “hot hues” for 2008, illustrates how different colors tell a story about what is important to today’s kids, according to a press release. They do not, however, seem to have much to do with an actual description of the color of the crayon itself.

The 2008 “Kids’ Choice Colors” include (descriptions come straight from the press release – I couldn’t write these with a straight face):

  • “super happy” — Kids don’t want to worry, they just want to be happy — “super happy” — as their color says, and they wish the same for others, too.
  • “fun in the sun” — Riding bikes, playing soccer, skateboarding, and gymnastics — kids said this color means exercise and keeping fit are important …and fun!
  • “giving tree” — It’s a colorful truth that kids are thinking green, too, and want to play a part in protecting the Earth.
  • “bear hug” — A hue of harmony, as kids want their homes to feel warm and loving just like a great big bear hug.
  • “awesome” — Means kids think school is cool and getting good grades feels awesome.
  • “happy ever after” — Kids want to make a difference and create Cinderella moments for others, so everyone’s story has a happy ending.
  • “famous” — American Idol and shows like it inspired this hue, as kids believe they can become celebrities just like everyday people who become stars.
  • “best friends” — This shade of purple reveals who kids’ real BFFs are – their parents – and spending time with them is what they enjoy most.