New ETF Tool Released by the Institute for Wealth Management

August 30, 2004 ( - The Institute for Wealth Management (IWM) is offering a professionally managed exchange-traded fund (ETF) for the retirement plan marketplace.

The IWM tool, which uses research from providers such as Bear Sterns Asset Management and Neuberger Berman, offers a series of asset allocation models which are matched with investor needs, IWM said in a news release. The models then dictate investments in specific ETFs according to a manager’s asset allocation needs.

“Professionally managed asset allocation models using ETFs could be one of the most efficient ways for participants to grow their retirement savings” said Matt Medeiros, President and CEO of The Institute for Wealth Management, in the news release.   “Participants now have access to institutional managers and receive active professional money management while investing in ETFs.”

Matrix Settlement & Clearance Services, LLC (MSCS) of Denver will supply the ETF unitization and trading technology for IWM’s asset allocation models, according to the announcement.

More information about IWM is at .