New Grads Super Pessimistic about Jobs

April 23, 2002 ( - The current crop of college students and recent graduates seems to be the most pessimistic in recent memory.

According to a recent MonsterTRAK poll, nearly half of the students expect they won’t have any job offers in hand when they leave school. That’s double the result in a similar poll last year.

Just 11% of students expect to be flooded with four or more job offers, about a third of those with that expectation on graduation in 2000 and 2001.

Results of the April 1 to April 8 online poll include these answers to a question about how many job offers the student expects:

  • 48% said none
  • 18% said one
  • 17% said two
  • 11% said four or more
  • 6% said three
  • The poll included 1,999 responses.