New PBGC Booklet Available

March 6, 2002 ( - The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) has released its Premium Payment Package for the 2002 plan year.

The package includes PBGC Form 1 with Schedule A, and PBGC Form 1-EZ, along with instructions for the forms.

PBGC Executive Director Steven A. Kandarin said the publication has been revised to make it easier to use, and includes consolidated definitions and instructions on how to calculate the variable rate premium.

For premium-related inquiries, call the PBGC’s practitioner toll-free at (800)-736-2444. To reach the PBGC’s problem resolution officer, call (202) 326-4136, or e-mail .

The PBGC takes over defined benefit pension plans from ailing or defunct companies that can no longer meet their plan’s liabilities to workers.