New Plan Covers Health Care Middle Ground

October 7, 2005 ( - Star HRG, a provider of limited-benefit medical plans has announced a new product that provides coverage between the most limited benefits and major medical.

According to its announcement, Fundamental Care is designed to fill the gap in coverage between low wage hourly and part-time workers and those offered major medical but can’t afford it.   It also addresses the problem of employers passing on health care costs to employees due to increasing benefit costs.   According to Star HRG President Timothy Cook, “When we designed Fundamental Care, we sought to find the middle ground between a limited-benefit plan and a major medical plan, all while providing robust benefits to our insureds.”

Fundamental Care will cost 25% – 40% less than a typical major medical plan, while its most comprehensive option will still provide up to $50,000 of yearly coverage.   “Our research showed that 98 percent of insureds use less than $30,000 in benefits yearly,” said Cook in the announcement. “Fundamental Care is a real solution for companies that want to offer medical coverage but have been forced to drop their plan because they can no longer afford it. We think employees will be grateful for the reduced monthly premiums.”

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