New Report Reveals Results of Background Checks

January 27, 2006 ( - InfoLink Screening Service has released a report of the percentages of negative findings on applicant background checks in 2005 broken down by screening type and industry.

The ‘2005 Applicant Hit Ratio Analysis’ shows applicants in the construction industry turned up with more negative hits for criminal records (13.7%) and DMV violations (50.2%) than any other industry.

The largest drug testing hits were surprisingly from applicants in the education industry, with 12.7% of negative information turning up for those applicants. This far exceeded the number two industry for drug testing hits, which was the automotive industry at 6.5%.

Applicants in the non-profit industry turned up the most derogatory information in the areas of past employment verification (46.2%) and education verification (21.7%).

The analysis is here .