New Software Checks on Telecommuters

August 28, 2001( - Managers who suspect that their telecommuting staff members are spending more time in front of the TV than their computers might want to consider Survey Manager, a new software tool.

The software allows companies to evaluate the effectiveness of telecommuting programs by measuring actual usage of computer applications at home and at the office.

With Survey Time Manager, companies can record telecommuters’ computer and software use to:

  • determine the length of the workday on office days versus telecommuting days
  • compare telecommuters’ computer use with those of office staff
  • decide which employees are good telecommuting candidates.

Survey Time Manager is part of Scalable Software’s Survey suite, which also includes Survey Technology Manager and Survey Contractor Manager.

The products measure overall computer usage time, documenting the actual time spent using individual desktop and Web applications, and the Internet.

Reports are delivered via a Web-based interface in customizable formats tailored to an organization’s measurement focus.