New Vanguard Funds to Provide Monthly Payments in Retirement

September 27, 2007 ( - The Vanguard Group has filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a new series of mutual funds designed to provide monthly payments to investors in retirement.

According to a Vanguard news release, each Managed Payout Fund is designed to provide level monthly payments, adjusted each year based on the fund’s performance over the previous three years. The offering includes three portfolio options:

  • Managed Payout Real Growth Fund – designed for investors who seek a modest initial current payout, and wish to see their capital and payouts grow in real terms (inflation-adjusted) over time. This fund is expected to sustain a managed distribution policy with a 3% annual distribution rate.
  • Managed Payout Moderate Growth Fund – structured for investors who want to balance their initial payout stream with maintaining the purchasing power of their future payouts and capital. This fund is expected to sustain a managed distribution policy with a 5% annual distribution rate.
  • Managed Payout Capital Preservation Fund – geared toward investors who seek a higher payout level to satisfy current spending needs while preserving their capital over the long term. This fund is expected to sustain a managed distribution policy with a 7% annual distribution rate.

The funds will be structured as funds-of-funds, investing predominantly in Vanguard domestic and international stock index funds, bond and REIT index funds, and inflation-protected securities and money market instruments, the announcement said. A portion of the funds may also be allocated to commodity-linked investments, as well as pursue market-neutral and other absolute-return strategies.

“We believe that the new funds will appeal to individuals who are seeking a regular income stream in retirement, but who also want to retain access to their accounts to meet unexpected expenses or, potentially, for estate planning reasons,” said Vanguard CEO John J. Brennan, in the announcement.

Vanguard Quantitative Equity Group will manage the new payout funds. The funds will feature an estimated expense ratio of 0.34%, and will not charge a sales commission or a 12b-1 fee. In addition, investors may redeem or exchange shares of the funds at any time without charge or penalty, subject to Vanguard frequent-trading policy limits.

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