New Worker Index Finds Many Potential Job Changers

January 7, 2004 ( - Six of 10 US workers who are generally satisfied with their jobs would nonetheless seriously consider moving to a new job if one were offered, a new survey found.

In fact, the newly launched Hudson Employment Index found that nearly a third (28%) of all workers and nearly a quarter (24%) of managers consider themselves in the job market. Further, 21% of those happy with their current jobs are in the market for a new position. In a sign that perhaps some job hunters expect their search to take a long time, some 86% of all respondents say it is somewhat or very likely that they will be working for the same employer in a year.

“These findings suggest that Americans are willing to accept the status quo in this decidedly employer-friendly market,” said Thomas Moran, President, Hudson North America, in a statement, “but that a market rebound may herald a new round of employee churn.” Hudson is a professional staffing, outsourcing and human capital solution provider

Overall, the American workforce is growing more confident about the labor market, though lingering caution remains. The survey indicates 29% of workers believe that their companies will be hiring more workers over the coming months, while just 17% say their companies will lay off workers.

Despite the positive hiring outlook, 20% of all workers are worried about the possibility of losing their jobs, including nearly a fifth (17%) of business managers. “Clearly, there are residual effects from previous rounds of layoffs, with a fear factor that may be higher than is warranted,” Moran said.

Each month, telephone interviews are conducted with approximately 9,000 US workers to compile the index. A series of tracking questions are asked of employees and managers to provide the underlying data. With an inaugural value of 100.0, the Index will move up or down as confidence in the employment market improves or wanes.

The Hudson Employment Index measures employee attitudes on critical work issues, including career opportunities, job satisfaction and workplace performance. The monthly Index is compiled by Rasmussen Reports, LLC, based upon telephone interviews and survey responses.

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