Newkirk Solution Simplifies RMD Processing

March 30, 2006 ( - Newkirk, provider of communication solutions for qualified plan providers has introduced the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) calculator and explanatory guide.

In addition to calculating periodic payment choices, the calculator will prepare customer letters reporting on the RMD, generate management reports, and update customer data, the announcement said.   MasteryPOINT Financial Technologies, a retirement planning software developer, is the creator of the calculator.

The guide, created by employee benefits consulting firm McKay Hochman Company Inc., outlines how RMD rules work and provides examples of the application of the rules.

Peter Newkirk, president of Newkirk, said in the announcement, “We believe [the tool] will save many man hours by addressing this annual duty in a way that is simple and efficient, while retaining the personal stamp of the professional.”

To test the Newkirk RMD calculator, go to and enter RMD as the promotion code.   More information can be obtained at or by calling 800-525-4237.