Newport Adds Rebalance Web Site Feature

July 13, 2005 ( - The Newport Group, an Orlando-based plan provider, has introduced a new auto-rebalance feature as part of its participant Web site.

A Newport Group news release said that the new feature on its site allows participants to schedule rebalancing every three, six or 12 months. The feature is available to plan participants who have constructed their own investment portfolios.

According to the company, participants who have multiple non-qualified deferred compensation accounts have the option of creating an individual auto-rebalance schedule for each account or a single schedule that works across all accounts.

“This is significant because as the markets go up and down, a plan participant’s portfolio will naturally drift from its target allocation due to normal market movements,” Newport senior investment consultant Kipp Reck, said in the news release. “On a set schedule that the participant determines, the auto rebalance feature will initiate the appropriate transactions to realign a portfolio back to its intended allocation. Essentially, this ensures that plan participants pursue a systematic strategy of ‘buying low and selling high’ in the ongoing management of their investment accounts.”