CFOs Unsure About How to Gauge Lost Health-Related Productivity

May 17, 2006 ( - Even though chief financial officers (CFOs) are aware that productivity is lost from their workers' health-related absences or from workers feeling ill at work, they lack information as to how much it actually impacts the company's finances, according to a recent survey.

Principal Announces Spitzer Subpoena Receipt

May 17, 2006 ( - New York state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, in the midst of a wide-ranging examination of how providers market retirement products and services, has served plan provider Principal Financial Group with a demand for information on that topic.

SIA Asks for Clarification on Redemption Fee Rule Amendments

April 17, 2006 ( - The Securities Industry Association (SIA) suggested changes in the proposed amendments to the Securities and Exchange Commission's mutual fund redemption fee rule concerning the chain of intermediaries and the compliance date for the amendments.

American Airlines: We Can Fund Our DB Plan

April 29, 2005 ( - Despite other airlines dropping their pensions, union leaders and executives at American Airlines are continuing to stick to their game plan of keeping their defined benefit pension system intact.

Hartford Sets up $66M Legal Reserve for Probes

April 29, 2005 ( - The Hartford Financial Services Group has set aside a $66-million reserve to have funds available to resolve federal and state government market timing and directed brokerage investigations involving its mutual funds and annuity businesses.

UC Regents Approve Sudan Divestment Program

March 17, 2006 ( - Regents of the University of California moved Thursday to pull tens of millions of dollars from foreign firms doing business in Sudan because of the continuing genocide in that African nation.

Pension Fund Sues to Halt "Toys" Deal

March 29, 2005 ( - A Pennsylvania iron workers union has gone to court to block the announced sale of the Toys "R" Us chain to a buyer's group for $6.6 billion, alleging the $26.75-per-share offer is "grossly inadequate and unfair."