Nine 'Lives': States Take Steps Toward EGTRRA Conformance

April 25, 2002 ( - There are now only nine states that have not adopted EGTRRA conforming legislation, according to a report from Deloitte & Touche.

In the past month, Indiana (March 28), Iowa (April 4), Maine (March 25) and South Carolina (April 16) have joined the list of conforming states.

Of the nine remaining nonconforming states, final approval of conforming legislation appears imminent in Georgia and Kentucky, according to the report, with bills in those states now waiting for their governors’ signatures.

Near ‘Term’

In Hawaii, both the House and Senate have passed conforming legislation, and conferees have been appointed to resolve differences between the two bills.

The Arizona House Ways and Means Committee has approved conforming legislation based on a bill the Senate passed on March 21, while in California, the General Assembly’s Committee on Appropriations just approved a partial conformity bill the Senate already has approved.

On Hold?

There are no new developments to report in Wisconsin.  Arkansas is expected to pass conforming legislation, but that will not happen until the legislature reconvenes in 2003.

Meanwhile, Delotte & Touche characterized the outlook in Massachusetts and North Carolina as ‘somewhat bleak.’  However, the report suggests that it is possible that the situation will change in North Carolina when that state’s General Assembly reconvenes in late May.