No People Skills Top Reason Cited by Those Who Dislike Bosses

April 13, 2011 ( - According to a recent survey conducted by Persuadable Research Corporation, 25% of respondents are not satisfied with their current boss.

A press release said most employees cited the lack of people skills as the main reason for not being satisfied with their bosses. Some felt their boss doesn’t have enough experience, and a smaller number said their boss isn’t intelligent enough or educated enough to be in charge. Additionally, 55% strongly agree that a good boss should understand group dynamics.  

Respondents also cited their bosses taking credit for other’s work as the reason they dislike their boss. Eleven percent said their boss has acted unethically.  

Sixteen percent report their boss displays favoritism and another 16% said their boss doesn’t take responsibility for problems. According to the press release, 14% said their boss plays politics in the workplace.   

In addition, 12% stated that their boss belittles them in front of others. The same number, 12%, cite their boss for the main reason for actually disliking their job.