Northern Adds ACH Pays to Treasury Passport

August 24, 2001( - The Northern Trust Company has enhanced its Treasury Passport product suite to include Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

ACH clients can use the expanded feature to track system activity, monitor payments, and satisfy auditing concerns.

Treasury Passport is a Web-based application which supports treasury management functions and provides information reporting, image delivery, and transaction initiation services.

The product suite has multiple levels of security to ensure that all data transferred between the user and the company remains confidential and encrypted.

Treasury Passport currently requires Web-browsers with a minimum encryption level of 128-bit. Northern Trust also employs the use of strong authentication tokens as an added level of protection.

The suite comprises six separate modules for:

  • positive pay,
  • information reporting,
  • lockbox reporting and imaging,
  • disbursements,
  • wire transfers, and
  • ACH.