Northern Trust Adds Detail to Performance Reporting

April 3, 2007 ( - Northern Trust has enhanced its performance reporting capabilities for institutional investors and investment managers to enable stock-level attribution.

According to a company announcement, the stock-level attribution product measures the relative performance of individual stocks in a portfolio against established benchmarks, allowing fund managers to see the impact of their decisions to include or omit certain equities. Clients can receive reports on a daily or monthly basis in a layout customized to their preferences.

With Northern Trust’s reporting options:

  • Investment managers can receive daily information showing the impact of stock-level decisions on portfolio performance relative to investment guidelines, and use it to guide investment activity.
  • Institutional investors can receive brief summary reports that provide current information on their fund managers, and periodically drill down to analyze stock-level decisions in order to better understand performance issues.

Stock-level attribution is an addition to the lineup of attribution capabilities offered by Northern Trust that includes fixed-income, cross-asset-class and total investment fund attribution. The product is available online through the Web portal, Northern Trust Passport.