Northern Trust Assists Clients in Management of Private Market Assets


September 22, 2011 ( - Northern Trust announced its expanded suite of reporting for custody clients to offer comprehensive views of investment information on private market assets held in a range of commingled and unitized fund structures. 

Northern Trust’s Alternative Funds (AF)-Fund Valuation Status Summary integrates data including cash flows and valuation information to assist clients in their management and due diligence of these specialized assets.

The Alternative Funds (AF)-Fund Valuation Status Summary, available via Northern Trust’s multifaceted online portal, Passport, complements Northern Trust’s comprehensive reporting on partnership investments in private equity, real estate, and other alternative assets. The new summary report combines alternative asset holdings information from Northern Trust’s portfolio valuation records with data sourced from fund company statements to deliver consolidated pricing, market value, valuation, and statement tracking information for clients invested in alternative funds.

The Fund Valuation Status Summary presents information from a variety of fund types, including commingled funds, unitized hedge funds, money market funds, Canadian pooled funds, unitized real estate funds, and other alternative unitized funds.

The new report eliminates the need for investors in alternative assets to locate, gather, and normalize data from various fund sponsors. The summary also allows clients to quickly identify funds that have market values based on lagged, estimated or final values or which represent material holdings that warrant additional scrutiny. Clients can view audited data for a particular month-end and daily data using the best information available from fund company statements.