Northern Trust Enhances Event Reporting to Monitor Risk

July 28, 2009 ( - Northern Trust has enhanced its Easy Event Reporting tool to provide clients with expanded options for monitoring exposure to multiple types of risk.

A press release explains that Easy Event Reporting allows clients to trigger an inquiry for a specific business need and receive data and analytics to guide decisions. Available through Northern Trust’s online platform, Passport, the enhanced tools integrate data mining on multiple risk exposure categories in order to answer client requests.

The new risk categories available include:

  • Monitoring Market/Concentration Risk,
  • Monitoring Credit/Counterparty Risk,
  • Monitoring Liquidity Risk, and
  • Monitoring Regulatory Risk. 

As an example of how the tool would be used, Northern Trust said a client may need to assess the level of financial risk if an obligation will not be paid and a loss will result. This situation is addressed through the Monitoring Credit/Counterparty Risk report, which integrates data on bond ratings and counterparty exposure.

According to the press release, Northern Trust provides a range of risk and performance services to institutional investors and investment managers, including Easy Event Reporting, Easy Answer and Security Exposure, as well as more sophisticated programs such as Northern Trust Compliance Analyst, a customizable, Web-based tool that helps investors monitor portfolios to ensure compliance with investment policy guidelines.

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