Northern Trust Releases Risk Reporting Tools

April 30, 2009 ( - Northern Trust has created a suite of reports to help clients comply with IFRS 7, Financial Instruments: Disclosures, and similar national financial reporting standards.

A Northern Trust news announcement said the company had developed two reporting packages: the IFRS 7 Reporting Suite, available via its online reporting tool, Passport; and the Sensitivity Analysis Reporting Service .

The company said Passport also offers clients the ability to create custom, ad hoc IFRS 7 Exposure Analysis reporting and customized Sensitivity Analysis reports that allow clients to assess the risk of each part of their investment program under various market stress scenarios.

“As regulators demand increased transparency, accounting requirements are changing to focus more on risk,” said Kathy Dugan, product manager for Northern Trust’s Asia Pacific region. “IFRS 7’s new disclosures will require companies to calculate and interpret their investment data in unfamiliar ways. Northern Trust’s solution suite is designed to provide clients with the specific data they need, so they can focus on analysis rather than data crunching and scrubbing.”

IFRS 7 requires quantitative and qualitative disclosures about an entity’s exposure to credit risk, liquidity risk, and market risk arising from its use of financial instruments.