NYC Council Throws Out Bloomberg Health Care Bill Veto

March 2, 2006 ( - Christine Quinn, new speaker of the New York City Council, on Wednesday led her colleagues in overriding a Mayor Michael Bloomberg veto of a measure requiring city grocers to help foot the bill for their workers' health care.

The bill, which Bloomberg vetoed last year (See  Big Apple Passes Grocer Health Coverage Mandate ), would force large non-union grocery retailers doing business in New York City to subsidize their uninsured workers’ health care costs, according to a New York Daily News report.

Before becoming speaker, Quinn chaired the Health Committee and was the chief sponsor of the Health Care Security Act and the amendment. Bloomberg had vetoed both on the grounds that they would violate state and federal laws. The law is slated to kick in July 1.

Despite the Council’s 48-to-2 override vote of Bloomberg’s veto, Quinn told reporters her relationship with the mayor was still positive.   “The mayor and I have had, and will continue to have, a very good relationship,” said Quinn, who became speaker January 4. “But we don’t agree on everything.”