NYC Police Pension Fund Employee Arrested for Data Breach

March 6, 2009 ( - The New York City Police Pension Fund (PPF) is notifying about 80,000 current and former NYPD officers of the potential compromise of their personal information after a civilian employee recently stole storage media containing the data.

According to Computerworld, a sample alert posted on the pension fund’s Web site identified the individual as an employee of the PPF and said he was arrested February 27 after a security breach at one of the pension fund’s disaster recovery sites. The alert said the compromised data included Social Security numbers, names, addresses and bank account information for active and retired pension fund members.

The breach did not affect those hired after May 2007 when data began being stored in encrypted form, the pension fund said.

Several news media reports identified the arrested individual as Anthony Bonelli, the fund’s director of communications, Computerworld said. A description of the incident on the New York Post Web site said Bonelli had allegedly gained unauthorized access to a backup facility on Staten Island, unplugged security cameras and then walked out with eight storage tapes containing the data. The tapes were recovered from Bonelli’s home at the time of his arrest.