Ohio 529 Plan Introduces New Option

January 13, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - The Ohio Tuition Trust Authority has announced the addition of the Stable Value investment option to the CollegeAdvantage 529 Savings Plan.

The addition of the Stable Value investment option brings the CollegeAdvantage plan total to 16 different savings choices. This newest addition is a conservative investment with an objective to generate higher returns than money market funds while seeking to protect principal.

Further, the option seeks to deliver intermediate investment grade bond equivalent returns, with principal safety and low volatility.   This strategy is designed to provide equal stability, but potential for higher average rates of return than a money market fund, appealing to risk-averse savers who seek to preserve principal and are interested in a stable return.

The Stable Value option will invest 97% of its assets in the Putnam Income Fund and 3% of its assets in the Putnam Money Market Fund. Additionally, the new option will employ an insurance contract with an insurance company, enabling it to value its fixed income securities at book value.

Contributions to CollegeAdvantage can be made in a lump sum amount, through electronic fund transfers (EFT) and payroll deduction for as little as $15 per beneficiary per investment option. More information CollegeAdvantage can be found at  www.collegeadvantage.com .