PA Governor Set to Sign Dependent Care Measure

May 18, 2009 ( - Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell is expected to sign a bill extending health care coverage under a parent's policy for dependent children up to age 30.

Media reports indicate that the Keystone State’s House okayed the measure 192 to 2 after the state Senate gave the measure unanimous approval in late March. Rendell, who has championed the bill as part of a broader health-care initiative, said through a spokesman he would sign it into law, the media reports said.

To qualify, dependents must be unmarried, have no dependents of their own, and be residents of Pennsylvania or full-time students. Dependents also cannot have other health insurance coverage nor be eligible for government-provided health benefits.

“I am pleased that the House acted quickly to move Senate Bill 189 on to the Governor’s desk for enactment into law,” said prime sponsor   Senator Jake Corman, in a Web statement. “This bill is particularly important in these tough economic times. Many working young people don’t receive benefits or have to pay extremely high premiums. That results in young adults age 18 to 34 representing the largest segment of uninsured Pennsylvanians. Senate Bill 189 provides an innovative and fiscally responsible way to provide insurance to some of those young adults at a cost they and their families can afford.”

Proponents said many young people are staying in college longer to pursue advanced degrees, and may be unable to obtain their own health insurance coverage into their late 20s. Other young adults take jobs that don’t offer health benefits.

More information about the bill is available here .