Partnership Allows HealthPartners to Personalize Employee Wellness

A partnership with Welltok allows employees to set personalized health goals.

HealthPartners, a non-profit health care organization, has partnered with tech firm Welltok in order to develop a health care personalization platform that would be tailored to individual participants based on factors such as their age, health status and preferences.

The platform will allow participants to establish personalized health goals, such as exercising at least 10 minutes a day, eating less salt, and managing blood sugar, in exchange for rewards. The platform also addresses financial wellness and emotional well-being by recommending resources that may help people reduce stress and save money. Furthermore, the technology is designed to dig into a participant’s health plan to make sure the individual is benefiting as much as one can. For example, the platform can direct people where to go for the most affordable care based on their plan or estimate how much it would cost them to visit the emergency room.

“At HealthPartners, we want to help people live healthier. We know that starts with a meaningful, personalized experience,” says Joel Spoonheim, director, Health Promotion, HealthPartners. “Partnering with Welltok helps us take what we’ve already been doing to the next level. We’ll be able to easily and effectively support participants based on their specific needs or goals.”

Welltok is a health care-focused software company. HealthPartners is rolling out the new platform to select individual and small-group plan members this month. The firm will extend the platform to commercial large group markets in 2018.