Paychex Rolls Out Online Report Center

October 18, 2012 ( – Paychex Inc. launched Paychex Report Center to help businesses and employees better manage payroll, benefits and human resources data.

In addition to providing a single location for more than 140 reports, Paychex Report Center offers access to company information such as payroll reports, retirement plan summaries and employee data; efficient viewing for clients and accountants with multiple businesses/business IDs; customization options for specific and relative date ranges, type of employee and organization; package creation and favorites bookmarking; data exports with PDF, XLS, fixed-width or CSV formats for importing into third-party software; and the ability to build custom reports from scratch using the Paychex Report Writer.

Paychex Report Center is available to clients with a Paychex Online user account and a Paychex Single Sign-On account. Paychex Single Sign-On allows users to access all Paychex offerings with a single login. Paychex Report Center consists of four distinct reporting tools that allow users to customize the sophistication of reporting capabilities based on need.

For more information about Paychex Report Center, visit or call Paychex at 800-322-7292.