PayFlex Launches HSA Education Resource

The new plan sponsor site calls for employers to “commit, collaborate, and communicate to drive engagement and adoption.”

PayFlex has launched new web-based resource center for employers seeking to learn more about health savings accounts (HSAs) and the benefits and drawbacks of account-based health coverage.

PayFlex says it has launched the new website “to educate and empower health plan sponsors with case studies, research, and best practices to help drive engagement and account-based plan adoption.”

The firm calls for employers “to commit, collaborate, and communicate,” noting that the new resource is based on insights gained from a recent qualitative research study that found consumers continue to be confused by high deductible health plans (HDHPs) and HSAs. According to the firm, when paired with an HSA, HDHP plans are well-liked.

The website includes strategies and tips to help plan sponsors find success in their next open enrollment period. In addition to the education site, a redesigned PayFlex app provides simpler navigation and enhanced functionality for clients.

Access the new HSA education website here.